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In the Netherlands is a severe shortage of good rental properties. Our survey shows that consumers want to change to a home rentals. The current offers doesn’t meet the requirements. We estimate a demand for 1.562.000 new rental houses, of which 515 500 units above the deregulation limit = above € 700,- per month over the next 15 years. The shortage of rental housing is so great that we can speak of a potential infarction on the current housing market. All signals to invest are green, yet initiatives are sparsely taken.


Quintruss is an all-round specialist

Quintruss is the only Dutch all-round specialist in investing in rental properties. You can rely on our team of professionals with proven merits in real estate, engineering, project development, as banker and investment funds.

You can get advice on all aspects of real estate investing. Based of our high-quality research we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your property and what strategy you should follow for a future-proof portfolio. Like no other, we can distinguish the good from less good rental properties.

In the Netherlands, there is a high shortage of rental properties that meet the housing needs and therefore we initiate new housing projects for investors. Besides our initiatives we cooperate with municipalities, landowners, construction companies and corporations. With a risk-free and sophisticated residential product tailored to the end-user, we can obtain for you a higher return and potential end value, With an excellent product you also obtain the added value of a good reputation.

Quintruss guides

Quintruss is your advisor for sale and purchase rented houses, transformations, building sites or entire portfolios, we will be glad to be at your service. Quintruss offers an international network for maximum exposure and works completely independent.

We are since 1998 active in real estate and since that time we have seen a continuously chronic shortage of rental housing in the Netherlands. While the demand for rental housing in 2014-2020 more than doubles initiatives for new construction are hardly developed. Our research shows that it is even worse with the qualitative deficit. Over 27% (2.476 million) of all Dutch households is not satisfied with the current property and has a relocation intention. In a city like Rotterdam even 80% is not satisfied, and 44.4% is actively looking for another house. This makes investing in Dutch rental properties incredibly interesting, we can support you in all facets.

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