Quintruss, specialist in investing rental properties

Quintruss is the only Dutch all-round specialist in investing in rental properties. You can rely on our team of professionals who have proven their merits in real estate, engineering, project development, as banker and investment funds. Want to know more about what Quintruss stands for?

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Quintress Investeren


If you are going to invest in Dutch real estate, with a focus on rental housing, you want to be assured to buy the right properties. Quintruss has a team ready that knows everything about the Dutch rental market and will provide a latch switch advice and value judgment concerning the real estate to purchase.

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Quintruss Nieuwbouw

New construction

In case you want to build a future-proof portfolio, new constructions will offer the best opportunities. We can show exactly how and what you need to build to obtain an optimal profitable property portfolio for the next decades. Quintruss is your partner in developing new construction.

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Quintruss aanbod


We can help you with strategic real estate issues , selling, selling for housing associations,
we initiate the building for Municipalities, project development, landowners and management. Quintruss has leading knowledge and experience in our field and is the partner you need for a sucesfull project.

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