New construction

In case you want to build a future-proof portfolio, new constructions will offer the best opportunities. We can show exactly how and what you need to build to obtain an optimal profitable property portfolio for the next decades. Beforehand we analyze the demand on the location to be built, to see if a stable or growing demand can be expected for at least 50 years.

New construction
Rental properties provide a stable inflation elevating revenue stream.

Because of our passion for perfection and the love for our profession we're only building ideal homes that are attuned to the living comfort of the user. We initiate the entire construction process to guarantee the quality, and do so with a sense of aesthetics. We produce ideal floor plans, take into account the expected living experience of future tenants and create timeless designs. In this we are assisted by a team of like-minded professionals.

The advantage of new build houses is that we can specifically develop to meet the tenants demands in such a way that the property has less maintenance, energy efficient, lasts longer than existing properties while prices are pretty much the same and is absolutely preferred by tenants. You have a 100% guarantee on fewer mutations, higher returns on the long term, less vacancies and the tenants can be sorted out on higher demands.

New construcion by Quintruss

New houses initiated by Quintruss always meet the following requirements:

  • Exclusively situated on good locations where future demand is guaranteed 
  • Designed from the inside out with thoughtful floor plans for ideal living experience 
  • Property with added value with the same price as a comparable standard home
  • Timeless architecture - “Course of life steady” apartments
  • Energy efficient - Durable, aim for a minimum BREEAM certificate Very Good
  • Guaranteed excellent value judgment by user
  • Higher value than "normal" house by individual sales
  • Lower costs by saving on development cost

If you are active in property letting you can tell what a lot of mess one has dared to build. The Netherlands is full of tacky recoil architecture , based on the underlying idea that we must design without risk and save on costs. However, the consumer is critical and doesn’t accept the lack of better anymore. A well designed home brings in 15% more and will sell or be rented out much faster. In a spreadsheet, this negative value judgment is not apparent because of the shortage of rental housing. Until we build more and the quality is going to play a role.

We are ready to facilitate the smart investor that understands we have a gap in the market and to make the Netherlands more attractive to live in.

Why have we just started now, in 2014, to facilitate in new constructions?

In recent years, the market was dominated by the big builders / developers, which either purchased or kept in option all the available building sites with the help of banks.

From 1996 almost all new construction were destined for the more lucrative sales market. Only projects that didn’t sell could be purchased for the letting market. Investors could hardly get in caused by the high cost of real estate. Since the prices for land, equipment, resources and profit have dropped is it possible again to achieve adequate returns.

Now the banks have withdrawn from the real estate development we get more and more opportunities to acquire good building sites. Yes, we did have to wait for 18 years but now the quality can win it from the quantity again.

Quintruss is all set to develop the next generation residential homes for you.

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