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Strategic real estate issues

  • Analysis portfolio (hold / sell) 
  • Future letting potential of your property
  • Risk potential value of your property (up to 2060) based on demographics, rental value, lettability and construction quality 
  • How to renew your real estate portfolio


For selling your rented property portfolios, we have an extensive network of international investors and private investors. To get in touch with realistic and reliable investors we have the effective channels for maximum exposure. The main buyers are foreign investment funds, they desire a thorough report with all required data. Quintruss produces clear data sheets so these parties will be able to join the bidding process.

Our presentations are extensive so no simple spreadsheet with e.g. addresses, rental income, land registry and market rent value. We make detailed reports, the statement must provide clarity on e.g. maintenance, all costs inclusive taxes and a risk analysis about the local market. By providing the necessary detailed information, more investors will be interested and they decide faster. Foreign investors are often absent in tenders and bids because it will cost them too much work to evaluate with an uncertain outcome. So you better facilitate them by providing all necessary information.

Selling for housing associations

We are familiar with the circular MG 2013-02 and facilitate you through the entire sales process. You will receive guidance in the sale process through private or public sale projects, invitation to tender, etc ... Our method is precise and more extensive than usual. In order to get serious bids from interested (foreign) investors the provided information must be complete and clear. Dutch institutional investors are hardly interested in existing real estate and private investors have limited resources so your buyer must be sought internationally.

There is a lot of interest from International Investors for large property portfolios. Housing associations want to sell a large quantity in one transaction can be facilitated by us. We have e.g. contact with biggest investors in the world. Transactions up to 20,000 units can be purchased at once. These investors have a minimum transaction volume of 50 million euro.

In recent meetings with housing associations they informed us about the fact that intermediaries often say that a lot of funds are available but despite very few transactions are realized. We explain that we know these parties with deep pockets, but are in most cases Anglo-Saxon funds. They have the policy that the property is subordinate to the return on investment. These parties are going for significantly higher returns than a housing association could sell for.

Make an appointment with us to learn more about our selling strategy.

We initiate the building for Municipalities

If construction output stops in your town and you are looking for alternative ways to lift this process off the ground, we are willing to cooperate and provide solutions. With our initiated financial structures a municipality can facilitate investors. In case you own building sites, we look for solutions in partnerships, the target can be on houses for sale or rental housing.

Project development

We initiate project development to achieve the best result. The lack of knowledge about the housing needs is quite shocking and it's not for nothing that many Dutch people are dissatisfied with their current home. Our passion is to make people really happy. We have the gift to be able to imagine what the ultimate living experience is going to be when we draw a floor plan. We obtain results that make consumers willing to move. We are not driven by costs. Only an excellent final result is important, so we get a product that will meet the tenants requirements. The final user is prepared to pay more for a good home whether it is a rental or house for sale. The Netherlands is the development for home rentals quite behind, and the so-called “to be sure” developments is actually back hallway. (read more under New Build)


In case you own a building site you would like to gain benefit from we can assist you on several ways. We can assist to develop appropriate housing and the sale to the investor. We share our knowledge and are prepared to cooperate in a partnership or you can outsource the whole process to us.


Real estate investing also means that you need to manage. A happy tenant is less likely to move and doesn’t complain so fast. We do this in cooperation with one of the best property managers in the Netherlands with 10,000 units under management.

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