Because of our background, we have two decades of practical experience on the rental of housing. We combine the results form the research on the housing needs with our practice. We are able to produce exact figures on the current demand and what can be expected in the next 50 years. As a result, we can also specify which locations remain good or are not interesting.

To determine future demand, price levels, housing types and current deficits or surpluses, we analyze a region or city completely and weigh the future demographic trends heavily in our research. You obtain results that really matter.

Our predictions can be in your advantage. In 2007 exorbitant prices were being offered for let property while we just warned of the decline in prices. We had a better view of reality and was fully attributable to our practice experience. If you're not involved in the actual lease to tenants, you won’t have a grip on the current market and price developments.


Municipalities don’t involve themself in the development of houses. We will determine how the demand will develop for rental, sale, and the number and type of homes in your town. With this knowledge, you will be able to manage the developments and obtain a composition of the stock that meets the needs of the inhabitants.

Construction companies

At an early stage we can determine for construction companies if a project on a location is feasible and will meet the demand and housing needs The entire building plan is scrutinized and you get an honest opinion with recommendations for improvement or that is will be better to stop the development. A really good residential product is designed based on ideal floor plans with a shell that gives buyers or tenants a warm feeling. Therefore, we can often see at a glance whether a project will be a success or not.

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